Huntington Hotel by Nhandra

Mission Statement

Members of “National Hotel & Restaurant Association, Inc.” a Not For Profit Organization will focus on the needs of the many Independent Hotel owners and operators and Restaurant owners whether franchised or independent, as well new entrepreneurs seeking to get into the business.

Our members all have had experience of starting and growing a business. The beginning point is finding a location for a business, developing a business plan and figuring out where the capital or equity will come from. Once the concept is put on paper and thought out very carefully, our person wanting to start a business will need to live a dream or hunger for entrepreneurship and will need to move something from an idea on paper to a business reality.

Whether wanting to open a restaurant, or developing a hotel the project needs careful planning, which includes putting together a budget and the required capital. Our membership all have been in this position and will help to offer some of the years experience, provide the great contacts that may fit the new project and most important put together the plan of how to finance the project. It can be an SBA loan, a construction loan, Equity investments and more. It takes ideas, contacts and follow through.It takes years of experience. It takes someone willing to listen so as to avoid the possible mistakes.

Topock Hotel by Nhandra

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